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Address : 83 Ducie Street, Manchester M1 2JQ, United Kingdom

Welcome to Kids Car, where we transform every ride into an adventure of imagination, creativity, and fun. Our passion for excellence shines through in our carefully curated collection of high-quality electric ride-on cars and vehicles, perfect for kids of all ages. From top brands like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Jeep, our selection features pint-sized replicas of the most popular vehicles on the road, tailored to inspire young drivers.

Our range doesn't just stop at cars. We also offer thrilling electric quad bikes, motorbikes, and buggies, designed to cater to a variety of young adventurers. Whether it's a sleek luxury sports car, a vintage racer, or a rugged off-roader, we have the perfect model to ignite your child's automotive dreams.

Safety and quality are at the heart of every product. Our electric kids' cars are equipped with adjustable seats, steering wheels, and seat belts, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit as your child grows. With options ranging from 1-seater models for solo journeys to 2-seater and even 3-seater variants for shared adventures, there's a vehicle for every little driver.

Empowering toddlers as young as 1 year old to join the fun, our vehicles are designed with easy-to-use controls like kickstarts and foot pedals. Powered by reliable 12V and 24V batteries, these cars offer safe speeds and durable construction, making every ride an exciting yet secure experience.

At Kids Car, we're more than just a store – we're creators of unforgettable experiences. We're excited for your kids to take the wheel of our mini vehicles and discover a newfound passion for driving, all while creating lifelong memories.

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